CRAFT-IVF is a purpose built Test Tube Baby center. It is part of Chohan Clinic, which in its own right is a center of excellence for Obstetrical, gynaecological and infertility services. The unique feature of the center is that all investigations and treatment facilities of infertility are available under one roof.

Our patient friendly staff would welcome you at telephone, and will give you an appointment considering your convenience. You can ask any question related to your treatment. A very relevant answer and proper guidance would be extended to you immediately or as soon as possible. In addition to telephonic communication you may use email or fax for sharing your needs with us. At CRAFT-IVF we have a well-lit, aerated and spacious waiting area with the facilities of maximum patient comfort.

CRAFT-IVF is located in the heart of Lahore on the 2nd biggest road of the city. The center is easily accessible by all means of transport. A multitude of public transport is available on the doorstep.


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  • A Chohan Continuous Squeezing Suture (ACCSS)
  • Chohan Reproduction & Assisted Fertility Treatments Center
  • 141-Shadman 1 Jail Road Lahore
  • For Appointment Call 0423-7420081, 0423-7420108, 0423-7422832, 03004214957


Test Tube Baby

Test Tube Baby is the most advanced form of treatment for infertile couples. This treatment is suitable for all types of infertility, but is most recommended to women with blocked tubes and men with poor semen quality.

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IUI has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past in our country. It is very important to understand that it is not an artificial treatment and the pregnancy occurs in a natural way. In this treatment the wife is given some medicines.

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Infertility means inability of a couple to conceive. Infertility is a common problem in our society to the extent that every one is closely known to at least one couple experiencing difficulty in achieving pregnancy.

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